Direct Hire

Max Recruiting Solutions unique “Know Your Client” approach enables our Account Executives to deeply understand the client’s needs.

We ensure the candidate possesses everything from the required skills and acumen and can mesh well with your company’s management style as well as existing personalities. This includes getting them familiar with your corporate culture and providing industry and competitor insight and having our recruitment team’s and the candidate’s involvement in the short, medium and long-term goals for this role and the organization.

This approach ensures better placements by allowing Max Recruiting Solution’s Executives to identify top talent that not only meet client’s requirements but also embraces the client’s vision and mission creating better employment synergies that empower and elevate the motivation on the new hires.

Leveraging on our great network and database, Max Recruiting Solutions will discreetly and confidentially identify the individuals with the right skills set and background that match your specific need. Before contacting the individual we will gather references on him/her, and then continue with a customized approach to gain the individual’s interest in the job description while keeping the identity of our client confidential.

Confidentiality is one of the Max Recruiting Solution’s best values and is applied throughout the searches and recruitment process. This way, we offer to arrange pre-screening interviews at our premises to preserve confidentiality in the client’s office environment and identity.

A series of tailored interviews assure that the candidates will fit our client’s corporate culture, required experience and abilities and that they are a good fit for the job.

Max Recruiting Solution’s approach will assure a commitment and engagement from the candidate and a long-term placement for the client, which is reinforced in our clients guarantee policy.

Key Benefits:

  • Save time cutting recruiting expenses
  • Save resources, in time and money
  • Focus on core functions
  • Gives access to a larger and specialized pool of candidates
  • Simplify the recruiting process

Temporary to Permanent

Once the client allows the addition of the chosen candidate to their headcount, Max Recruiting Solutions transfers all employment rights to the company. If the chosen candidate proves to be the right fit for the job and the client is ready to make him/her a permanent member of the team after setting up their resources, the Max Recruiting Solutions begins transferring all the employment rights if the assignment length was met or exceeded.

With this option Max Recruiting Solutions offers great flexibility in establishing the right length of the assignment in order to allow the client tryout or evaluate the assigned employee’s performance, actual need to add the resource to the headcount and plan for a cost efficient alternative.

Temporary Staffing

Some companies do not find that it is worth for them to put all their recruiting efforts or invest large amounts of resources in finding a great person to work with them for only a few weeks, or for a few months, so they rely on Max Recruiting Solutions to find these professionals for them.

In temporary staffing Max Recruiting Solution’s recruiters search and pre-select the most qualified candidates for the client’s staffing needs. After the hiring manager makes the decision on who is the final candidate we hire and assign the employee to work at the client’s premises for the required time frame, as determined by the client’s ever changing business needs.

This solution allows clients to fill the positions on a fast and effective manner, saving time in the recruiting process. This is a Pay-as-you-go type of service; clients are billed by the hour on the time the chosen candidate works. No set-up fees, additional recruiting fees or other charges apply while giving our clients the advantage to manage their payroll, overhead and hiring costs on a more flexible way. We offer you the opportunity to bring additional resources while evaluating the option of adding these positions to the headcount.

Another asset about temporary staffing is that Max Recruiting Solutions acts as the payroll-processing agent, therefore the client is exempt of directly dealing with all payroll related costs. Taxes, Social Security Medicare, Federal Unemployment Tax, State Unemployment Tax, Workers’ Compensation, PTO, Benefits, become our responsibility

Since these are our employees the client’s insurance premiums and unemployment rates will also not be affected by any short period staffing.